500-700 word discussion board

500-700 word discussion board

  • The subject follows: Reuben Askew as Governor of Florida fought for open government in a constitutional amendment and in other ways. Based on your research list three elements Governor Askew thought of as important in open government and explain why each was important as it related to governmental performance and the institutions of democracy. Compare those three elements to newspaper accounts between the years of 1979 and 2009 of state and local government individuals and programs in Florida that appeared, according to the press, to violate each of the elements you found. Provide a summary or summaries from the time period covered of an example(s) that violated each one of the three elements you identified.
  • You may use more than one example, if necessary, to cover each of the elements. Be sure to includecitations. You may find Nexis Uni helpful. (Database Permalink: http://lib.fsu.edu/get/nexis)Links to an external site.
  • A point of beginning for your effort follows: On July 29, 2013 the Tampa Bay Times writes “It was in that room where Askew, as a young senator in the late 1960s, helped force rural “pork chop” senators to redistribute political power based on the principle of one man one vote, even though “Rube” himself came from prime pork chop territory: Pensacola.
  • “I don’t think they ever forgave me,” Askew said.
  • Askew is considered one of Florida’s greatest governors. The Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University rated him one of the 10 best in the United States in the 20th century.
  • He was elected in 1970 on a risky populist platform that included taxing profits of corporations the wayneighboring Georgia did…
  • He stressed racial diversity and peaceful desegregation of schools, modernized an antiquated judiciary and in 1978, during his last year in office, stopped casino gambling.
  • When a recalcitrant Legislature refused to pass ethics reform after a series of scandals, he took his case straight to the people and voters wrote the “Sunshine Amendment” into the Constitution, with financial disclosure requirements and limits on post-employment lobbying by elected officials.”
  • Also, share some of your thoughts and findings about Governor Askew with your discussion group. What are some of the newspaper accounts that you found? What information can you share that differs from your classmates’ findings?

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