BOOK: A HISTORY OF WORLD SOCIETIES Tenth EDITION Volume 1 John P. McKay Chapters 5 and 6
Assignment Instructions
You will have a short paper due on Sunday. Please see the Assignments section under the Week 3 “Lessons” tab to the left for writing guidelines. The directions for the Short Paper Assignment #1 will be under the “Assignments” tab to the left. This is also where you will upload your paper by the end of Week 3.

 I will grade the Short Paper Assignment #1 during Week 4. In my feedback, I will give you three questions to consider. You will pick one (and only one) of these feedback questions to answer in one of the two Week 5 Forums. WEEK 3 SHORT PAPER ASSIGNMENT #1 Please choose and answer the following question. Describe and trace the invention and diffusion of one important philosophy or religion studied through week 3 of this class. How and why do you believe this philosophy or religion change as it entered a new area and interacted with a new people?” SUBMISSION INSTRUCTION A Short Paper Assignment allows you, early in the course, to demonstrate your research skills to your instructor and to receive feedback that will benefit you when you write your research paper.

With this assignment, you will learn how to do proper and adequate research and write a short paper and prepare you for writing the research paper. This short paper is at least three double-spaced pages (900-1200 narrative words total (minus citation and a bibliography) of text (Times New Roman, font size 12) and you must consult a minimum of two academically credible sources. References and citations will be in APA Format. The short paper needs to be turned in to the assignment section for grading. If you use any of the information from your sources word-for-word, you must cite the source by using endnotes or footnotes. If you read the information and write it in your own words and it is not common knowledge, then you must cite the source because you are paraphrasing someone’s information. The short paper must include a cover page with your name, course number, and course title, instructor’s name, date, and institution. You must also include a bibliography at the end of your paper. While composing your paper, use proper English. Do not use abbreviations, contractions, passive voice, or first/ second person (I, you, we, our, etc).

Before submitting your paper, check your grammar and use spell check. Remember, the way you talk is not the way you write a paper. Please label your paper as follows: lastnamefirstnameHIST111ShortPaper. SUBMISSION CHECKLIST Coversheet with the assignment, student name, class, professor name, date and institution Restatement of question verbatim before answering (restate and bold the entire question before your introduction). Thesis at end of first paragraph incorporating question to be answered Supporting paragraphs with topic sentences. Include historical examples to support your paper.

Please include reign or life dates when introducing historical personalities and include dates in your essay. Chicago-Turabian citation using parenthetical citation or footnotes or endnotes Conclusion The narrative in academic third person voice Separate Bibliography in the Chicago-Turabian format Narrative of the essay within stated word-count of 900-1,200 words File labeled lastnamefirstnameHIST111ShortPaper and submit as .doc or .rtf file. SOURCE RESTRICTIONS:You may not use dictionaries, encyclopedias, factbooks, glossaries, or non-academic Open Web webpages as sources for this paper. Please use the APUS Online Library (or other libraries) to locate quality academic sources to use to research this assignment. I suggest finding books or articles using ProQuest or EBSCO.


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