According to Worldometers

According to Worldometers, in late November, 2018, the U.S. population was 327,726,061 and the world population was estimated at 7,666,602,725. Considering those numbers, do you think the United States is in a population crisis? Do we have enough land and resources to support a continuous increase in population? Should we, as a nation, concentrate on controlling our population or controlling resource use? Why, or why not?


Considering the population numbers of the United Staes and the world, it is my opinion both are in the midst of an increasing population crises.The profoundly disappionting part of this crisis is our mismanagement of technology and resources. Technology for sustainable energy has been available for many, many generations already. The ability to manufacture equipment to utalize these renewable energy sources has been present for quite some time as well.¬† We have failed to significantly implement multitudes of technology devised as early as the 1940’s, some even earlier. Despite the current population levels, our world is able to produce enough food for every inhabitant, yet so many still starve. We are clearly doing many things wrong. The positive side to all this, though, is the soloutions are available, and no individual, nor society in whole, is under any real obligation to be the same as it has been. Change is always happening and beckoning us all to a better life for our mother earth and all its inhabitants, plant and animal alike.
To answer the question of which facet of our existance should be concentrated on adjusting, population or rescources, to me the answer is clearly both. The reality that these two situations are so intertwined, to attempt to seperate them seems, to me, foolhardy.

There greatest change in humanity will, and always has, begun within the individual.

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