Analytical Research Report on Pilot Study


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Assignment: Analytical Research Report on Pilot Study

For this assignment, you will conduct a pilot study in which you address a problem that relates to toyour local community, university, workplace, or field of study. You will write up your findings in an analytical research report and present your findings to the class.

The assignment allows you to demonstrate your ability to follow the necessary steps for research: define a research question, develop a research methodology, gather information using that methodology, analyze the information, and present your research in a report.



Your report will follow the basic structure for IMRaD reports—Introduction, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusions and/or recommendations. (Remember, this is a general structure and can be modified for the specific type of report you are writing. For example, the results and discussion can be combined, or the conclusions can be presented along with the discussion.)


The number of pages will differ for each student based on visuals and formatting variations, but the strongest reports tend to fall within the range of 2500-3500 words (not including front and back matter).



  • Secondary sources. Use at least 6 secondary (library) sources to provide background for your study. The majority of the sources must be scholarly sources from books or peer-reviewed journals.
  • Primary sources. Use at least one primary (empirical) source of data, which you will collect by conducting a pilot study using interviews, surveys, or other methods.
  • Front Matter. These elements appear before the main report:
  • Letter or memo of transmittal with date addressed to a specific client with a mailing address
  • Title page, with the descriptive title
  • Abstract or Executive summary
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction. In this section, explain the context of the research: the topic, question, purpose, and importance. Provide background by summarizing and synthesizing at least 6 secondary sources relevant to your study. Forecast the report’s contents, including a brief summary of your overall conclusion.
  • Methods. In this section, describe in detail how you conducted your pilot study. Explain why you made the choices you did. Aim for enough detail that someone else could conduct a similar study if they wanted to. Specifics, such as interview and/or survey questions, should be provided in Appendices and referred to in the text of this section. Because you have only conducted a pilot study, you will need to explain the limitations of your study.
  • Results. Summarize the major findings of your study. Raw data can be provided in Appendices and referred to in the text of this section. Along with the Discussion section, this should be one of the largest sections of your report. Use tables, charts, graphs, or other visuals if applicable to share results.
  • Discussion. Discuss the results, explaining what these results demonstrate, how they relate to your research question(s) and/or how they prove a hypothesis. Discussion can highlight the strengths or weaknesses of your findings, insights, explanations, or connections.  Explain how you have answered your research question and/or addressed the problem/topic of your report. Along with the Results section, this section should be one of the largest sections of your report.
  • Conclusion and Recommendation (can be combined or separate sections).Restate the main points of your report, stress the importance of the study, explain the significance of the facts and your generalizations, and state any recommendations you have for the client. Recommendations should logically flow from the results.
  • Back Matter (elements that appear after the main report). Back matter may include a number of items such as:
  • References/bibliography of any sources you used, including names of persons interviewed, electronic sources, and print sources with proper citations
  • Appendices: Any other documents relevant to the report, such as a list of interview or survey questions, interview transcripts, or raw survey data
  • Include at least two visual such as a table, chart, or graph to illustrate findings. Label the images, and reference and explain them in the text.
  • Consider issues of audience, vocabulary, and professional tone, as well as mechanical and grammatical correctness.
  • Design the report to be easy to navigate and visually appealing, using document design principles.

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