As well, the assessment log is to help with your self-awareness.

**Multiple Assignments**

Journal Entry, Step 1

Record in Your Leadership Map

Review the instructions for the Leadership Map_Exercise to understand the purpose of this activity for Step 1.

  • Read the instructions for Step 1 exercise.
  • Save Step 1 document to your computer or other digital storage space.
  • Write what you have learned in the steps of this module regarding the type of leader you would like to be, and the leadership qualities and skills associated with it.
  • Be creative how you compose/design Step 1 in the online journal.

Journal Entry Step 1&2

Record in Your Leadership Map

Find here the worksheets for Step 1 and Step 2.

  • Read the instructions for the two separate exercises and download Step 2 document.
  • Save Step 2 document to your computer or other digital storage space.
  • Review Step 2 exercise description and instructions.

For Step 1 Journal

Record what you have learned about different leadership styles

  • Determine and record what style you would like to be.

For Step 2 Journal

Add the skills you will need to possess in order to demonstrate your desired leadership style.

Journal Entry Step 2

Record in Your Leadership Map

In Step 2 of your map, record the skills you would need based on your MBTI type (ESFP) and your desired leadership style (Authoritarian).

  • In Step 2 of your map, assess yourself against Goleman’s model of Emotional Intelligence.
  • In Step 1 of your map, update your desired leadership style based on what you learned in this module about the MBTI and EI.

Note on Recording in Your Journal

There are nine leadership skills listed on your Step 2 journal/assessment log. These are by no means the most important or the only skills essential to be an effective leader, but are listed to get your started.

Your assessment log will become more meaningful to you as you build it yourself based on the leadership style you desire to be. Listing the skill and trait requirements of your desired leadership style and then conducting self assessment and reflection will help you determine what you need to work on to become the leader you desire to be.

As well, the assessment log is to help with your self-awareness.

  • How do you currently compare to the leader you want to be?
  • How do you compare your current skills and proficiency levels to the leadership skill requirements?

Start by assessing yourself against the nine skills and other criteria that are listed already. In column 2, you are asked to reflect on how you assess your current level of proficiency in those skills or criteria. Being as honest as you can, assess yourself.

As you read and reflect in the remaining modules, you can continue to build a list of what is required for your leadership style, in column 1 of Step 2 of the Leadership Map. You can record additional skills or criteria that you determine are important. Then you can assess yourself against the list of skills and other requirements, you identify.

A self-assessment is just one view on your proficiency. It will be even richer if you could get feedback from someone who knows you and will be respectfully honest with you. If you can take an extra step to ask someone else to assess you on the skills and criteria you identify, you will broaden and deepen your self-awareness. That may take some courage and finesse to ask for feedback and receive it effectively.

Journal Entry Step 2, Part 2

Record in Your Leadership Map

In Step 2 of your self-assessment log, record what you have learned in this module on assessing your personal leadership qualities and skills.

  • When composing your journal entry, consider the following question:
  • What skills are needed to be a leader in a multicultural and virtual world?
  • What did you learn about your strengths and weaknesses against a set of leadership qualities and skills?

Journal Entry Step 3

Record in Your Leadership Map

Download the Leadership Development Plan worksheet.

  • Save the worksheet to your computer or other digital storage space.
  • Review the exercise description and instructions.
  • In Step 3 of your journal, create a worksheet and add the developmental activities that you selected to help you with your skill gap areas.

Self Assessment Log:



Documents associated with this assignment are:

  • Review the instructions for Assignment 2
  • Review the rubric for Assignment 2
  • Submit your Assignment 2, which is created from entries in your Step 2_ Assessing Your Current Level of Proficiency


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