Bayside Memorial Hospital’s network infrastructure


The 4 story Bayside Memorial is currently at its maximum capacity of 250 patients, and is expanding to include remote locations. The IT Director, Cheryl Martin, has called-in a favor from her “Alma Mater” – ECPI, to recruit their best talent.  A certified project manager, Cheryl has allotted 5 weeks towards the development and testing of potential solutions in a virtual environment.

The planning phase of this project will involve:


  • Choosing a domain name to be used on their private network.
  • Determining which IT services will be hosted internally and which will be contracted out
  • Creating an IP addressing scheme for data exchange to occur between the sites
  • Must accommodate the existing devices outlined in the project overview.
  • Must accommodate growth. Bayside Memorial is aggressively expanding its footprint in the region. Additional sites will be added to their network in the future. The IP address plan must allow for expansion, and for likely internal growth at the three existing sites.
  • Bayside Memorial Hospital – (Functioning as the anchor site for all Information Technology).
  • Tiburon Medical Park – 36 employees/98 devices, plans to double in number
  • Larkspur Ambulatory Rehab Complex – 61 employees, plans to add 24.
  • 3 additional sites to be announced within the year, variable in size, but not more than 100 employees each, and no more than 300 network nodes total in each.
  • Currently, everything is on a single network, utilizing one router with a public IP Address
  • Internal network gateway, and external WAN gateway 123.234.210/29
  • FTP, DHCP, and Domain administration are done from a single server. DNS uses a public server address imported from the WarpSpeed Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • The hospital’s email and web server is hosted externally via third party contracts.
  • The main distribution facility (MDF) consist of the one router, (5) 48 port switches, and 21 wireless access points, 5 for each patient floor, and 1 for the guest’s lobby.
  • Due to employees bringing devices from home and patients/guests bringing in iPads/tablets, this address scheme does not provide enough addresses.
  • The lack of separation between hospital and guests resulted in a recent Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) violation. Martin is also not comfortable with the current overall level of security since all guests can login without passwords or usage restrictions.
  • First task is to redesign the current Bayside Memorial Hospital’s network infrastructure. This means to separate data traffic as follows:
  • 89 wireless host nodes: Doctor’s/Nurse’s medically sensitive data traffic.
  • 26 wired host nodes: Doctor’s/Nurse’s/Nursing Workstations
  • 500 Data Collection nodes.
  • Includes both Doctor’s/Nurses mobile Data Collection Tablets
  • Nurse’s “COWs” [Computers On Wheels],
  • Patient wireless monitoring and tracking devices:
  • Patient RFID wrist ID bands
  • Patient bed sensor mats
  • ECG Wireless Transmitters
  • 15 wired nodes: Hospital’s Administrative staff. (plus one file server)
  • Hospital’s Administrative/Patient Registration/Billing/other
  • 250 patient/guest nodes: Patient’s and Guests personal network, for convenience and minimum administrative overhead, should be one bridged Wireless Network – But COMPLETELY Isolated from any and all medically sensitive hospital network traffic of any kind. Patient’s personal network traffic commonly used for checking of their personal E-Mail, “Web Surfing”, etc. is not covered by HIPPA.
  • WarpSpeed ISP provides a network for WAN connectivity and could be repurposed to use with the site expansions.
  • What would be the NETID for each new Network [Subnet]?
  • What would be the CIDR value for each?
  • How did you determine those parameters?
  • Did these new Networks match exactly, or were there “spare” IP Addresses left?
  • If there were, why?
  • Other factors to remember that still need to be addressed:
  • Connecting the Future Remote Sites together
  • Security
  • On each Site
  • Between each Site
  • Cost(s)


With only five weeks, and limited budget, Ms. Martin can only employ a limited number of new hires.  For the participating ECPI students she is asking each of them to submit an IP Address subnet solution for her review.  Obviously, those who fail to submit correct results within the required time-frame, will not be considered for extended roles in this project.

Facility and expansion information

Information Services Department information and background

Redesign Requirements


Determine /Outline and Discuss what Subnet you would create to support the above requirements