black and white answer

(1.) There is no black and white answer for this particular issue. I believe that the state and federal government should work together as a coherent team. There are some things that the federal gover


There is no black and white answer for this particular issue. I believe that the state and federal government should work together as a coherent team. There are some things that the federal government should oversee and there are some things the state should be able to handle. Could a state function without the hand of the federal government? More than likely yes but why hold too much power? States hold their own power already as they are able to add to federal laws. They cannot take away the law completely but they can add to or modify it any way they see fit. California allows the purchase of AR-15s but it must abide by California regulations. Medical marijuana is federally legal but here in Texas you wont find a doctor to prescribe you medicinal marijuana card. Who regulates what varies depending on the issue at hand.

I think issues such as healthcare and education should be federally regulated. I believe health care is a basic right and someone shouldn’t have to travel to a different city or state to find cheaper healthcare. Healthcare should be universally same across the board just as well as education should. A child who lives in a poorer city shouldn’t have to suffer and be less educated than a child who lives in a more thriving area. If getting an education is a requirement  for citizens then it should be even across the states. No child should have to suffer just because of where he/she lives. Utah spends less than $7,000 per pupil compared to New York who spends and upwards on $22,000 per pupil.

Gun regulations laws are a very touchy subject but have the most effect on citizens. After mass shootings some states are quick to jump and create stricter gun laws but that only effects the law abiding citizens. By creating stricter gun laws you make it harder for citizens to execute their constitutional right to bear arms.

Another sensitive subject is immigration laws. Illegal immigration is prohibited on a federal level however, you have states, like California, who openly disobey those laws. The California Values Act, also known as SB 54, limits law enforcement’s ability to cooperate and share immigration information with ICE. By developing these sanctuary cities they increase their debt through social welfare programs, which largely helps the illegal immigrants, and expect the government to jump in and help them. Law enforcement municipalities receive federal money yet they are ordered by their own states to not aid the federal government.

As stated before, the federal government and state should be working together with one goal in mind: Protecting the rights of the citizens. Rights should not be regulated or infringed upon. Everyone has their own beliefs and this is such a grey area to discuss. I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer to a topic such as this. I think the regulation of laws varies depending on the matter at hand.


My opinion has been affected by the recent current events.  Considering the state of the world at this moment, how I feel about State verses Federal power division is strongly in question.  Before the pandemic, I felt that States should have the authority to govern themselves according to how they see fit within constitutional reason and with guidance from the federal government.  The federal government should maintain complete control over coining U.S. money, regulating the mail and handling international issues as well oversee state to state functionality to ensure that equality from state to state is just and equal.  For example, let us look at it like running a household.  Who better to run my house but me? Why would I want my property manager to tell me what is best for my house when he does not live there?  He runs the property but not specifically my home.   He is not familiar with how my children and husband function, what our eating habits are and how we like to entertain ourselves. While property management could do it, would it be in my best interest?   I don’t think so because some things will always fall through the cracks – things that I could prevent if I were running my own home.  I think Property management could look in and make sure I am running my home effectively and as equal as possible to how my neighbor is running his/her home as far as following the rules and regulations that govern all the families on the property.   State governments are more in touch with what their constituents need and want.  They are more knowledgeable about what programs are needed, which rules should be enforced more that others.  The federal government is there to make sure rules are enforced and to lend the hand where it is needed as seen fit by the various States.

Post pandemic I feel a little differently.  The way this crisis is being handled is scary at best.  No one state is dealing with the issue the same.  Because of some lackadaisical attitudes about the seriousness of this situation in some states, the outbreaks are worse.  This poses a greater risk of spreading it when people in those areas branch out to states who have taken it more seriously and have taken the needed precautions to try to slow it to a halt.  I now think that maybe the federal government should have been more vocal at the beginning and forceful in making all the states be uniform in their movements.  I am not saying that this action would have stopped the spread but at least the United States would have been uniform in its response to the situation.

I still believe that the Federal Government should rule from afar and not micromanage the States with the modification that the federal government steps in in cases of emergency like this pandemic and, of course, in cases of war on U.S. soil.   The Tenth Amendment limits the Federal Government’s power over the laws of the States.  Whatever power is not given to the Federal or National Government in the U.S.  is given to the States.  States have the right to make their own laws if they do not infringe or violate any part of the Constitution.  I think its fair to allow States to govern themselves with checks and balances in place.  So, it would appear that I agree with the Tenth amendment with the added amendment that the Federal Government steps in in times of emergency with a check and balance on what constitutes an emergency as to not cause Martial Law when its not warranted.



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