Business Plan for a Coffee Hous

Provide a 14 pages analysis while answering the following question: Business Plan for a Coffee House. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The main purpose of my business plan is to start a coffee house venture as I feel that this is a very viable option. In California today, there are a large number of coffee houses that run because of a demand created by people to have a place where they can sit, relax and enjoy beverages and eatables. Most people are willing to pay a certain amount of money as they would rather meet their friends and family at such locations and enjoy a nice morning, afternoon or evening with them.

The sales for coffee have kept on increasing over the last decade despite a time of financial downturn. This is because this is a beverage that has a lasting demand among the community. Therefore, the main purpose of my business plan is to provide people with a place to enjoy their beverages in, coupled with European style food so that they are attracted by the quality and creativity that I have attempted to bring about with the help of my plan. (Weitzman, H. 2006)

Other than this, the purpose is also to provide employment, generate profits as well as bring about a fair trade where the farmers who I import my coffee from will be guaranteed at least $1.26 per pound which is twice the going rate for coffee. (Weber, Jeremey 2007) (Weitzman, H. 2006)

My products will include a number of meals and beverages as well as desserts, mostly European ones so that people find some amount of differentiation and this is what helps to set my venture apart from the already established coffee houses in the country.

I wish to provide the age bracket of 14-28 years a place, with free wireless internet so that they are able to come, relax and enjoy good food and coffee, and at the same time, get their work done, meet their friends and just have a bit of change away from home. I feel I will be able to carry out this project very well since I have excellent interpersonal skills and also a very dynamic personality.

I am aware that there are many competitors in this&nbsp.industry such as Starbucks.


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