Calfornia Governor’s pow

this is due in 2 hours…… must have done in 2 hours….. no late work…… Answer the following questions…….. 1-2 paragraph answer for each question…. 1.Describe the Calfornia Governor’s pow

this is due in 2 hours…… must have done in 2 hours….. no late work……

Answer the following questions…….. 1-2 paragraph answer for each question….

1.Describe the Calfornia Governor’s powers. Which ones are most important

2.Outline the hierarchy of the California Court System. How does one obtain the position of Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court? What is the name of the Court’s current Chief Justice?

3.Define the terms Gross Domestic Product, Unemployment Rate, Inflation and Recession. How is Growth Domestic Product used to measure the nation’s economic growth?

4. Define the term National Debt. As of 2017 what was the nation’s National Debt? How much is of that (in dollars) is shared by each man, woman and child in America? What generation (approximate ages of Americans today) will be responsible for paying back most of that debt

5. What are the five major categories of federal spending in the federal budget? Define and discuss the terms mandatory spending and entitlement program. How do these figure into the this year’s budget and the national debt this year and into the future?

6. Social Security is financed on a pay-as-you-go system. Explain. Given the current birth rate in America and the size of the retiring baby boomer generation, what are the challenges that Social Security faces?

7. What are some of the ideas being discussed about what causes poverty? Be sure to explain the close correlation between welfare dependency and family structure. How has this influenced welfare policy?

8. Discuss the threats that North Korea and Iran present to the United States. What are some of the challenges facing President Trump as he tries to influence the governments of these two nations?

9. With reference to nuclear terrorism, describe the argument for a ballistic missile defense. Should President Trump ask Congress for more funding for our current system?

1-2 paragraph each answer….. no cover page needed


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