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In my previous work experience, I used a lot of evidence-based decision-making, as we wanted to make sure that we had the best available data to support the decision as we introduced new policies and procedures (Griffin & Phillips & Gully, 2020). In one of the decisions, we found that we lacked a large amount of revenue at one time to accept multiple validations. This was when staff were going to stack their parking validations to get 5 to 6 hours of free parking. I showed that when researching, we had increased those validations by at least 25 percent. In order to no longer accept several validations at a time, this was primary evidence to focus on presenting the new policy change.

We were able to present this to the garage property managers because we had all the details gathered and had an estimate of increased sales. We understood when we went in that we just had to listen to the facts, not hunches or needless risks of becoming the buyer (Griffin & Phillips & Gully, 2020). When we discussed it the property manager decided to test it out to see what the revenue boost would be and whether their tenants’ grievance was worth it. The income had risen 30 percent after a full month of figures, the property managers were ecstatic and agreed to retain the policy due to the increase in income. It not only improved the productivity of the garage because we went into it with only the facts, but it also boosted the confidence we had with our customers as we made more money for them.


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