Company Background

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on offering charter yachts for holidays Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The business plan was actually well structured as it clearly delineated sub-topics to present relevant aspects of the plan. However, upon closer review and evaluation, the following concerns were noted as portions which can still be improved:

This portion could be subdivided into Company Background, in general, and Details of the Business Plan (which should discuss the 4Ps in marketing: product (or service), place (or target market), price and promotion). The statement and explanation about the two months of April and September (when the yachts would not sail) were not very clear. Readers could be confused as to the nature of the activities during these two months.

The portion discussed the 4Ps in marketing including proposed service (product), price, promotion, and should, therefore, be titled Marketing Aspects. However, it did not specify the proposed company name for the service or plan being introduced.

The company structure could be placed under a new sub-heading like Human Resources Aspects. The head of Administration was relegated as a secretary for the company which should not be because the function entails the management of human resources functions such as recruitment, maintenance and development of personnel. Also, the top honcho, the business manager’s responsibilities were not indicated. Would he take care of the marketing aspects of the new service? The responsibilities of the operations manager were somewhat unclear as it indicates him as the person “who is in charge of the company work and spending the money to accomplish his work for the company”.

It is proposed that this heading be revised to Financial Aspects by initially presenting a Pro-forma income statement for the business by stating projected revenues and expenses (as well as their respective components) to finally indicate the bottom-line or the net income or net loss over the five year period.

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