Concept Analysis Paper

Assignment Guidelines

Identify a concept (usually one or two words) you are interested in. Ideally, this concept will be the focus of your DNP Project. Utilize specific scholarly sources, including books or peer-reviewed articles from scholarly journals. You can use a reference book such as an encyclopedia, thesaurus, or dictionary, but limit yourself to only one of each.

Write a brief paper (three to four pages) in APA (7th edition) format addressing the following items:

  • Alternative definitions—these must be referenced
  • Defining attributes
  • Antecedents
  • Consequences
  • Model, borderline, and contrary cases
  • Empirical referents

These items should be the headings for your paper but should be no more than a paragraph or two each. The paper should include a title page and reference page (not included in total paper length) and use of appropriate scholarly sources cited throughout.

You will submit the assignment via Turnitin; a Turnitin score less than 20% is expected. Turnitin is an online service that highlights matching text in written work. It indexes Internet sources, databases of subscription services, and written work submitted through its website. Assignments sent through Turnitin are scanned against all of its sources, and a report is generated that summarizes and highlights matching text and where it was found. It is up to instructors and students to interpret the report to determine if plagiarism occurred.

You may submit your assignment to Turnitin prior to its due date once to assess your work against Turnitin’s database. You may use the Originality Report’s results to address any originality concerns in your work, and then resubmit your assignment for grading. You may only resubmit once until the assignment’s due date. Any work that has been submitted at the time the assignment is due will be considered your final submission, and this will be the submission used for grading.

For additional information, visit Plagiarism Detection: Students.

The assignment will be evaluated using the Assignment 3.1: Concept Analysis Paper Rubric found in your syllabus.