contract systems analyst available to local organisations


Coursework1Specification–Hand-inMonday04/11/2019at 15:00hrs (50%)

This assignment requires you to produce a requirements specification for the system outlined below.

The learning outcomes for Information Systems Engineering (SET11106) are as follows:

LO1: Critically assess the concepts of development stages and methods LO2: Elicit user requirements

LO3: Evaluate possible models, designs and specify elements of existing/proposed systems

LO4: Construct and critically evaluate a system using system construction tool(s)

This individual assignment is a formal piece of work primarily assessing LOs 1 and 2, and also contributing to the understanding of LOs 3 and 4. It is worth 50% towards your final assessment for this module (the second piece of coursework is also worth 50%).


You are a contract systems analyst available to local organisations that wish to hire you. You have been approached by Community Concern, a charity, to evaluate their information systems needs with a view to helping them better computerise their current systems for managing volunteers and clients, with a view to expanding their services in a sustainable manner, building on their reputation for trustworthiness, and providing better governance reports. You are to focus your report around their “Garden Partners” initiative which currently runs in an area of Edinburgh, but which they are hoping to roll out across the whole of Scotland. You plan to interview key stakeholders in the charity.*

(* Note; You will be provided with a set of “interview” notes on Moodle, and you may ask supplementary questions in the lab sessions)


Prepare a Requirements Specification in the form of a report (~2,500 words), including all necessary diagrams.

Report structure and Assessment Criteria

Present your findings in the form of a report to the trustees of the charity. Your report must include the following analysis elements and should clearly state any assumptions you have made. Diagrams may be hand-drawn or using a tool such as, or powerpoint, or visio. However they must be incorporated in the report in a legible format.

 Overview of the current system, and critical evaluation of its problems as you see them. [10]

 Requirements Definition: in the form of an overall proposal for the new system, and a list of prioritised functional and non-functional requirements for the proposed system. [10]

 High Level Use Case diagram of the whole system with correct notation for Actors, System Boundary, Uses Cases, and Relationships (including Extends and Includes as appropriate forthenewsystem [10marks]

 Detailed Use case description(s) with developed scenarios and Actor Descriptions for the subset of the system requested by the Manager of the Charity (see interview notes on Moodle for more details). [10 marks]

 Activity diagram(s) at least the activities relating to the subset of the system requested by the Manager of the Charity (see interview notes on Moodle for more details). For this diagram you should have swim-lanes and include correct notation for selection, iteration, and parallelism where appropriate [10 marks]

 Discussion of Systems Lifecycle approach that should be taken, and the Tools, Project Team, and Infrastructure that will be required for developing a fully functioning, robust, scalable, trusted, and maintainable system (with appropriate references to back up your recommendations) [20 marks]

 Report formatting and presentation: Your final document should use a formal style and formatting as detailed below). In addition to the elements listed above, should also include elements such as an executive summary, introduction, and a conclusions section, and list of any sources must all be included. All sources used must be formally acknowledged through citations and a reference list. [20]


1. Total marks are out of 90, this will be worth 50% of the assessment for the


2. A marking grid will be set up on Moodle

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