Covid-19 pandemic.


Take home, open book essay question (worth 20%) *Note, this was previously 25%”

• Choose ONLY ONE of the four questions below

• MINIMUM 500 words (approximately two pages)

• 11-point font, double spaced or 1.5 spacing (NO SINGLE SPACING PLEASE)

• Course textbook and lecture content are the primary source material for this exam. Additional references reference materials are to be formatted using APA


• Evaluation will be based on: references to course materials, analysis and synthesis (ie: not just listing of facts), thoughtfulness in describing your own perspective, writing well.

1. Compare South Korea with Italy, in terms of their responses and outcomes to the Covid-19 pandemic. Consider history, culture, economics, and politics. Name two things North America can learn from both these very different situations (positive or negative).

2. Describe the issue of displaced people (refugees) in a country of your choosing. Include description of the issue itself, historical perspective on how this issue came about, impacts on the country, and impacts on communities and individuals. Name two things you think the world can learn from how well or poorly this issue was dealt with in the country you chose to consider.

3. Read the attached poem “The Real Africa” by Trishula Patel. What is the message the author is trying to convey? What preconceptions or stereotypes about Sub-Saharan Africa did you hold before taking this course? Describe what you have learned from the course (lecture slides, textbook material) that reduced your own preconceptions or stereotypes?

4. The 2010 Ted Talk video of Hans Rosling on “The Magic Washing Machine” (8:55) raises questions about the past, present and future of economic development in both more and less developed countries around the world. Using ideas presented in the video, as well as from the course textbook and class lectures, discuss your perspective on Rosling’s ideas regarding whether or not more developed countries should be telling less developed countries how development should proceed for them. Do you agree, or disagree with him? Support your argument with reference to at least two geographic regions.

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