CRUD technique


Read all of chapter 5 and watch the chapter 5 videos before working on this assignment. Refer to your earlier assignment #4 which deals with “The Strings” case study. Here is the event table produced.


Type of event

Use Case



New musician expresses interest in booking a performance


Add new musician

Assistant manager (Adele)

A new musician or group contacts the coffeehouse

Add info to Musician table

Musician calls with new contact info or changes to playlist/genre


Update musician info

Assistant manager

Musician’s phone, address, etc. information has changed

Musicians agree to booking day and time


Add new booking

Assistant manager

The booking calendar is updated with a tentative gig. Status set as “awaiting contract signature”

Signed contract received


Confirm booking

Assistant manager

Booking now marked as “confirmed”

Day/date, time, or playlist info needs to change


Update existing booking

Assistant manager

Booking details are updated

Performance occurred and musicians receive payment as per contract


Pay upon completion of performance

Owner (Mr. Taylor)

Check is issued to performers. Record of payment sent to accounting system

Use a drawing tool such as Visio or Powerpoint to create the diagrams in steps 1 and 2. Alternatively, you may NEATLY hand draw and scan. Submit in PDF format via the “attach” link in Blackboard Assignment 4.

  1. Use the CRUD technique to add any necessary events to the event table above. See page 147 Figure 5-13 for an example. Highlight any new use cases in italics. You should be able to identify a minimum of 5 to 7 new use cases. 25 points

  1. For the “add new musician” use case, create an analysis-level SSD. You will only have two lifelines: one for the actor, another for the “system”. See figure 5-11 on page 146 for an example. Use detailed message notation as shown on page 141 figure 5-8a. Do NOT use “alternate notation” as shown in figure 5-8b. In other words, clearly show a response from the system for every message sent by the actor. 35 points

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