Debates over the meaning and

ead the online synopsis, “What is Globalization?” Throughout the synopsis, click on each of the highlighted blue words to read into further depth about these key terms and topics:

What is globalization?Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among people of all different backgrounds. It is driven by international trade, investment and aided by information technology.  Follow the links and read about these forces:

  • International Trade:
  • International Trade:
  • Investment:
  • Effect of Globalization on International Investments:
  • Information Technology:

NOTE:  if the website is not working, you can access an archived version of the site here:

Globalization is deeply controversial.

Three primary theories for how globalization was developed are provided. They are:

  2. World Polity Theory
  3. World Culture Theory

Debates over the meaning and merits of globalization:

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  • Introduction to Sociology. (2016, April 4). Globalization and culture [Video file].
  • Explainity Channel. (2013, Jul 11). Globalization Easily Explained. [Video File]

Part 1

Various theories on globalization exist. Choose two from the readings and describe each—one you agree with and one you disagree with—briefly describe each theory, and explain your reasons for agreement and disagreement.

Be sure to cite any resources that you use in APA format.  Direct quotes should not be used in discussions.

Part 2

For this Learning Journal, you will choose a case study from the four available in the following resource:

United Nations Association. (2014). The Global Citizen Student Reader: Globalization. Retrieved from:

The cases are as follows:

1)      Mexican Government Advises Migrants (page 9)

2)      Liberian Plantation Workers Allege Poor Conditions (page 10)

3)      Charities Hijacked by Terrorism? (page 11)

4)      Call Center Jobs, Once Offshored to India, Now Offshored from India (page 12)

After you choose and carefully read through the case study, answer the following questions:

  • How did globalization change some people’s lives? How did the changes lead to a conflict?
  • What was the proposed solution(s) to the conflict? How satisfactory was the solution to each party?
  • Can you imagine a way to avoid or resolve similar conflicts in the future, even if rapid globalization continues?
  • Over the years, in what ways has your region become more globalized?
  • How can you see the results of this today? If you cannot see the results of this today, why?

The journal entry should be about a page in length.  If applicable, be sure to cite any resources you use to support your learning journal.


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