Demonstrate Practice Learning

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Evidence to Demonstrate Practice Learning. It needs to be at least 1500 words. My supervisor, Leanne, had told me to help out at the orthopedics ward of the hospital I had been assigned to. One of my main tasks was to hand out the trays of meals and help out the patients as much I could since some of them were in braces.

I got along fine with most of the patients. But one patient stood out among the rest. He was a boy, about 17, who had been involved in a car crash. I learned later on that his whole family had died and he had been the sole survivor.

Even during my first day on duty, I already noticed that the boy was still in a heavy mental shock and denial. He didn’t pay attention to anything around him. He hardly touched the food that I would deliver to him. I tried talking to him about everyday things like the weather but he would not respond. If I asked him something like “Do you need help with anything?” or “Is there anything I can do for you?”, often he would just look at me with dead eyes. Once he glared at me when my tongue slipped and I mentioned something about his hair being “nice and silky, probably something you got from your parents.”

My heart had gone to him the moment I heard about his predicament. I wanted to say something comforting to him. However, I knew that saying something direct about his predicament was taboo. If something so indirect as inheriting his hair from his parents would make him a glare, I knew that something deeper would probably make him lash out.

I felt frustrated. I wanted to help him. I kept thinking “what can I say to ease his pain?” But I didn’t know what to do. Also after he glared at me, I began to feel uncomfortable whenever I would be with him so I began to talk less. In the end, my frustration doubled because I really didn’t do anything even if I wanted to do something.

Because I was feeling flustered, I also opted not to ask for some advice from the other nurses in that area. In a way, I was also feeling shy because the other nurses seemed to be doing just fine and I thought that all I really needed was more experience. I also thought that I didn’t want to bother them because they were already swamped with work and I didn’t want to burden them with my insecurities as a newbie.


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