Duncan’s Exotic Pets


Refusing an Adjustment: Letter from Duncan’s Exotic Pets refusing a damage claim

As a well-known exotic animal dealer in the Cincinnati area, your boss, Roger Duncan, has dealt

with his share of customers experiencing buyer’s regret. Despite his warning, many of them still

buy their exotic pets for the wrong reasons. When Melissa Carpenter bought Binky, the red-tailed

guenon monkey, she begged Mr. Duncan to reduce his price to $10,000 because she had “fallen in

love with Binky’s soulful eyes and adorable button nose.” Now she wants to return poor Binky,

and you have never seen your boss so angry.

“Listen to this!” fumes Mr. Duncan as he reads Carpenter’s letter

While I was at work, I locked Binky in his own room—which I equipped with his own color

TV (with cable) and which I spent days wallpapering with animal pictures. Then last night

Binky somehow unlocked the door, ripped out my telephone, opened the refrigerator,

smashed eggs all over my kitchen and my new Persian carpet, broke 14 of the china dishes

my mother gave me when I got married, and squeezed toothpaste all over my Louis XIV

settee I inherited from my grandmother!

“Not only does she demand that I take poor Binky back after she’s abused him through her ignorance

and neglect,” snapped Mr. Duncan, “but she wants me to pay $150,000 in damages for her car, her

apartment, and her state of mind.” Your boss is so upset that you decide to write Ms. Carpenter


Your Task— Your paper must be at least 350 words. Check the Assignment Planning Schedule

for the due date.

Write an adjustment refusal to Ms. Carpenter and include a copy of her contract. It clearly states

Roger Duncan’s policy: refunds only if animals are returned in good health, and absolutely no

warranty against damages. Each pet comes with specific care instructions, including warnings

about certain idiosyncrasies that could cause problems in the wrong environment.

Despite the fact that Binky is probably traumatized by his experiences, Mr. Duncan has generously

agreed to accept his return, refunding Ms. Carpenter’s $10,000. However, he will not accept liability

for any loss of property or for any claims of mental duress on the part of Ms. Carpenter. Write the

letter in an appropriate style.