Economic power w

Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: The Sherman Anti Trust Act of 1890. Economic power was at that time being concentrated within themselves by the large corporations, by appointing boards of trustees who exercised tremendous control and benefitted by establishing monopolistic control of the business areas in which they specialized ( A ‘Trust’ was an arrangement in which the stockholders of a company transferred their stocks to a single set of ‘Trustees’ who ensured a specified share of the profits to the stockholders by awarding them ‘Certificates’. Many large companies adopted this procedure thereby establishing a monopoly in vital industries of the nation and eliminated healthy competition. “The ‘Trusts’ used a number of unfair techniques to eliminate competition, either by buying them out, temporarily undercutting their prices, forcing customers to buy unwanted products & sign long term contracts and using force to impose their decisions if all other means failed” (

The Sherman Act considered all these unfair practices of the large business corporations and introduced the Bill, which was passed by an overwhelming majority of 51 to1 by the Senate, and unanimously in the House by 242 to 0 votes. It was enacted as a law by President Benjamin Harrison on July 2, 1890 ( The Act empowered the Federal Government to dissolve the ‘Trusts’. It declared illegal any activity which restrained trade between the constituent states of the US as well as with foreign companies and imposed heavy fines and imprisonment for anyone indulging in such practice.

The Sherman Anti Trust Act, though very sound in its aims was difficult to implement due to some inherent flaws. The large corporations which had&nbsp.flourished after the Civil War naturally resented its implementation and found legal loopholes to bypass it.

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