Exclusive Economic Zone


One of the topics this week was to discuss Al-Qaedas Maritime Threats however, over the past few years piracy has become a major problem with regards to vessel security. More than 80 percent of global trade is conducted via maritime transportation (Wilson, 2010, p. 423). Scholars claim that “36% of the world’s oceans are in the 200 nm Exclusive Economic Zones (EZZ) and nearly 75% of that population lives within 100 miles of the coast causing an increase in piratical attacks (Wilson, 2010, p. 421).”
Based upon your academic and professional opinion, what are the current piracy threats to maritime security? In addition, how can we combat piracy? Providing outside resources is paramount in supporting your ideas/concepts!
Wilson, B. (2010). An avoidable maritime conflict: Disputes regarding military activities in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce, 41, no. 3: 421-437.

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