Faculty and Students as Vulnerable Population, Can We Predict Violence with a Screening Tool?

Read the following articles found in the Learning Materials section of this course and watch the video noted below:

  • An Analysis of US School Shootings (1840–2015) (Paradice, 2017)
  • Development of the SaFETy Score: A Clinical Screening Tool for Predicting Future Firearm Violence Risk (Goldstick et al., 2017).

My Son was a Columbine Shooter. This is My Story.

My Son was a Columbine Shooter. This is My Story. Video Transcript

Consider the information in the learning module for Week 15 and the course. Answer three of the following questions in your initial post. (Please include at least three scholarly sources within your initial post.)

  1. Has your community been directly affected by gun violence/mass shootings? Discuss the affects you have noted.
  2. Discuss what you believe to be the greatest risk factor(s) in your community that could be associated with a potential for violence.
  3. What are your thoughts about the Predictive Firearm Violence Risk Scale?
  4. Will you use this scale in your practice? Why or why not?
  5. What type of changes has your community made to help improve safety?
  6. What are your thoughts about the Columbine shooter’s mother’s TED Talk?

Reply Posts

Consider the community risk factors your peers listed. Are they similar to your community? Did any of their risks surprise you? Why or why not? Reply to at least two of your classmates on two separate days (minimum) utilizing at least two scholarly references per peer post.