After you become familiar with the material in Chapters 8 & 9, please ensure to review the most current Bureau of Labor Statistics Report for the job market.  In this report, you will find a listing of the historical trends of the US national unemployment figures.  You now have the tools to understand this report.  As you prepare to write your discussion, think about the content that you studied in the chapters.  What are the current trends in the US data?  What groups seem to suffer from higher unemployment levels?  What type of trend does the discouraged worker have?  How many jobs were added and what happened to the wage rates?

Part I:  Review the current BLS Job Report.  Based on your reading and on your knowledge of the labor market, how well is the economy doing in the labor market?  (Hint:  look at the unemployment rate, jobs added, major differences (between gender, ethnicity, age, and education as it relates to unemployment).  This response must be at least 10 sentences in length and it must include proper APA citations.

Part II:  Research the term “underemployment.”  How can you prevent yourself from falling into this category?  This response must be at least 6 sentences and must include proper APA citations.

Part III:  Respond to two of your classmates’ posts to either Part I or Part II.  If you choose to discuss Part I elaborate on what may be the causes of the unemployment rate differences due to the time of the year, gender, ethnicity, education, and/or age.  If you choose to elaborate on Part II, please discuss any other potential tactics that you can use to prevent yourself from becoming “underemployed.”  Each response must be at least 6 sentences.  If you reference any material, please use proper APA citations.