formal response


  • Assess the financial reporting landscape considering user needs, constraints, and business environment.
  • Identify the issues.
  • Analyze the issues (qualitatively and quantitatively).
  • Provide a recommendation and conclusion.


  • Review the case which follows below.
  • Develop a formal response to the problem(s) posed in the case.
  • Marks will be assigned based on completing the objectives (noted above). A heavy weighting (>70%) will be placed on analyzing the issues (quantitatively and qualitatively).
    • There is no set length to the report but clear, succinct, and concise language and organization will be considered favourably in the grade.
    • Please submit the final report as a Word document.

To view the exam click on the following link: Average Joe’s Gym

Prepare the report. It is to include, organized and presented in a logical manner

  • quantitative analyses;
  • ratio analyses;
  • qualitative analyses; and
  • appropriate recommendations given the case facts and analyses completes.