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  1. Describe to what level you must deal with politics in your job and how that affects you. If there were direct benefits, such as new equipment or additional personnel being granted, would you be willing and able to “swim with the sharks”?

Also 350 words all togetherReading Assignments(documents are available through classroom Resources and EDMG330 APUS Library portal)

    1. Explaining Environmental Risk: Dealing With the Media
    2. Basic Guidance for PIOs

Disaster Response, Chapter 10 – “The Media: Friend and Foe

  • Written Assignment¬†(submit under Assignments)
    • In this week’s readings, we read a lot about what is important to reporters and what is not. We also learned about how reporters cover “viewpoints” rather than “truths.”
        1. Have you experienced media misrepresentation of your words?
    • What advice about dealing with the media in these readings did you find most useful?
    • Develop 1-2 research/policy/management questions pertinent to this week’s reading, you believe should be addressed or further investigated.