Functions and formulas in general 


Demonstrate use of:

• Import feature to bring CSV file data into Excel. This is a common format for downloading data from webs sources and for exporting data from applications to be imported into other applications.

• Functions and formulas in general

• Absolute and relative addressing

• Goal seek

• Conditional execution (IF), including nested IFs

• AND and OR with IF

• COUNTIF, COUNTIFS, and similar functions


• All submissions must be made electronically through the “Assignments” tab in Canvas.

• No late submissions accepted. Submission in Canvas will close automatically at the deadline.

• Please make sure to key your name and GT account number in the answer file(s) in the indicated area.

• Submit only the answer file(s). No other write-up or e-mails are necessary.

• After you will have uploaded your answers, check in Canvas to make sure that you uploaded the correct file and that it was received. No provision will be made for “I uploaded the wrong file.”

Collaboration rules

• No collaboration is allowed. Copying answers from other students is considered cheating and will be sanctioned according to the procedures and policies set forth as part of the honor code.

• For additional information on how Excel functions work, you can find thousands of examples if you search on Google or YouTube or Lynda. You are expected in this course to use the Internet to find information about these functions.