German company Merck Kgaa


Part I: Using the German company Merck Kgaa, provide the following information in the below outline.
What exactly does the company do? This is referred to as a company’s business model – it’s how a company makes money.
Company overview
Research and development
Part II: Conduct a SWOT analysis for Merck Kgaa in Germany. Then compare and contrast the strength and weaknesses between Merck Kgaa and Novartis (which is provided below).
SWOT Analysis for Novartis
It has a strong research and development capability.

 Attractive healthcare product portfolio. Novartis has a solid financial basis with low external financing and high equity. Novartis has a good image and high reputation within the global scale. Weaknesses The company is vulnerable to high global currency fluctuations. Share performance in spite of strong operating outcomes. Opportunities The growing global population and aging people The deterioration of healthy human lifestyle Growing economic wealth of nations in emerging markets make them afford high-quality drugs. Advancement in new technologies Novartis to develop new medicines. Threats The company faces strict regulations Novartis faces increased pressure from the governments to reduce the drug prices and expand the availability of the patients. Illegal drugs in the emerging markets and better drugs created by the competitors develop potential threats to be assessed. An increasing number of lawsuits and legal litigations. Please provide a research paper on the following information which consists of 2 parts. There is no page limit to this assignment. Use graphs and statistics as needed. Cite all references used in APA format.