Harriet Tubman Annotated Bibliography


Harriet Tubman

Annotated Bibliography

PATTERSON, T. R. (2017). HARRIET TUBMAN. A & E Television Networks,.

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In this article, Tiffani describes the history of Harriet Tubman. This article describes

Tubman’s life cycle as a slave. Tubman got for being distinctly renowned as a "conductor" on

“Underground Railroad” amid the turbulent 1850s. Conceived a slave on the eastern shore of

Maryland, she continued by the unforgiving presence of a field hand, including the merciless

thrashings. She was a short lady without distinct components. In 1849 Tubman fled servitude,

abandoning her significant other as well as family behind through an exact end goal for

getting away.

In spite of a richness on head, she came back to the ‘South’ no less than nineteen

times for leading her family as well as different slaves for the opportunity through the

“Underground Railroad.” Tubman likewise filled in as a spy, scout as well as medical

attendant at the time of Civil War. Her imperviousness to bondage did not end with the flare-

up of Civil War. Union government requested her administrations as a maid, spy and scout.

For over three years she breastfed the debilitated and injured in the Florida and Carolinas,

tending blacks and whites, troopers as well as contrabands.

Clinton, C. (2004). Harriet Tubman: The Road to Freedom. Little Brown and Company.

The book “Harriet Tubman: The Road to Freedom,” written by Catherine Clinton,

introduces that, most grown-ups likely envision a lady holding a rifle and driving slaves to

opportunity by taking after the “North Star” when they consider Harriet Tubman. This book

present that how Tubman changes the world. first paragraph could use clarification

Tubman's heroics, abridged and disentangled for youngsters' books and youthful

grown-up writings, have for some time been staple of the book reports as well as “Black

History Month” compliances in the schools. When stories pass on the boldness of her life by

way of conductor on “Underground Railroad,” new biography of Catherine Clinton, “Harriet

Tubman: The Road to Freedom,” uncovers they have just touched the most superficial layer

of the criminal slave's exceptional fearlessness and persona.

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