Healthy Horizons Medical Group


Learning Activities #1
You have recently begun working as a medical billing processor for Healthy Horizons Medical Group. You have been out of work for some time, and got the job through your childhood friend Michael Reeves who has been doing this same job for years. The duties of the job allow you to work at home most of the week, and the company has provided you with a laptop for doing the work at home. As your duties regularly involve access to patients’ medical history and finances, the company has a number of restrictions on the laptop usage. For example, the laptop is for work only, with no personal use allowed. When not in use, it is to be kept locked in the company supplied file cabinet. In addition, the laptop is protected by a 2-password system; the first to gain access to the laptop’s general functions and the second to access the company’s online network. The 2 passwords are supposed to be different, and you are not to share it with anyone else.
Michael recently informed you that he uses the same password for both functions; regularly performs personal tasks on the laptop to include online stock trades; has allowed his children to use the laptop for personal tasks as well. Recently, his laptop was infected by an adware virus which caused multiple pop-up ads.

As he feared it may jeopardize his job if he brought the laptop to his company’s IT department for repair, he allowed his neighbor Ben Richards who is a computer software designer to fix the problem. He had to give Ben both of his passwords for him to complete this work, but Ben promised not to look at any of the personal information on the computer and not to share the passwords with anyone else. Do you inform Healthy Horizons Medical Group of Michael’s actions? What do you think the consequences will be to Michael if and when the company finds out? Learning Activities #2 Lucas Spencer was recently fired from his job at the Brady Rent-A-Car lot, and wants to sue his former employer for unlawful termination and violation of the whistleblower protection laws. Lucas reports that the owner of Brady-Rent-A-Car, Shawn Brady, is also the owner of his apartment building, which is in violation of multiple housing code requirements. After several months of Shawn Brady ignoring his repair requests, Lucas reported him to the Housing Code Authority, which resulted in Shawn Brady having to pay a substantial fine, as well as the costs incurred for making the necessary repairs. Shawn Brady subsequently fired Lucas Spencer as a result, and admits the fact. However, he maintains that Lucas Spencer is an employee-at-will, and can be fired for any reason. He also maintains that his action is not in violation of whistleblower protection laws as his complaint to the Housing Code Authority had nothing to do with his employment. Who do you think wins here and why? For the purpose of this exercise, we will not be discussing whether there is any cause of action under Landlord-Tenant Law.