Hospitality and Tourism industry – Week 2 Discussion

Please select one of the following topic options to discuss on this week’s discussion board.

Please post your topic option, as well as your answer.

  •     Give an example of how the economy impacts the Hospitality and Tourism industry.
  •     How might world politics affect the Hospitality and Tourism industry?
  •     How do you think technological advances have changed our industry?
  •     Does the ecological environment impact the Hospitality and Tourism industry?  (i.e. natural resources, conservation)

Please refer to the following discussion participation rubric for guidelines on how to achieve full points for this assignment.

Full points require:

  •     Answering the main questions in required discussion areas.
  •     Responding to at least two others in these same discussion areas.
  •     Posting on at least two different days of the week in each required discussion area – FIRST POST MUST  BE COMPLETED BY WEDNESDAY OF THAT WEEK.
  •     Monitoring your personal posted topic, if appropriate.
  •     All postings completed before Monday of the following week.

Partial or no points:

  •     Quality or length of post is too short and/or does not stimulate learning or questions of others
  •     Posted fewer than two days of the week
  •     Did not respond to the posts of other
  •     Did not provide a response to the main discussion topic.