information are expected.


Organize your paper using the following outline, and main bolded headings.

  • Introduction: The Biological Dimensions of ___ (1 page)

Please choose a medical condition that you will explore through a clinical social worker lens. This includes relevant pathophysiological, biological, genetics, physical/mobility ramifications, environmental aspects, etc.

  • Psychosocial Issues Common to People Experiencing ____ (2 pages)

This includes individual, family, (and societal) emotional, psychological, cognitive, spiritual responses and issues related to this health condition; health beliefs; patient and provider perceptions of causal explanations/etiology; cross-cultural and cross-national issues, etc.

  • Social Work Intervention Strategies___ (1  page)

Delineate the strategies proven most successful in the literature for clinical social work intervention/behavioral medicine for patients with this medical condition. If needed, through an Inter-disciplinary perspective,   please include also literature from other relevant disciplines.( Speech, nutrition, PT/OT are a few examples ) .  Please feel free to discuss strategies that you think would be most helpful to the client system that should be considered yet has been given little attention in the literature.

  • Ethical Issues and Dilemmas____ (1/ 2   page)

Describe any ethical issues or dilemmas that social workers might encounter in their work regarding this medical condition, with the client system, in the work setting, etc.

  • Policy, Organizational and Biotechnological Issues ___(1/ 2  page)

Provide a brief summary of the most critical or key issues that seem to be emerging within science and medicine; social work/behavioral medicine intervention and research; and health care policy — and, the impact upon and interrelationship among these three areas. This may include global policy issues (e.g., World Health Organization, U.S. national policies, reimbursement issues), organizational issues (e.g., agency practice, policy, and procedures), and medical technological issues (high-tech equipment, medications, treatment).

  • Reference List:  5 sources 
  •  1-2 internet sites for patient support and information are expected.

Internet sites for patient support-


Search articles on lung cancer or cancer with social work related articles. Articles relating to policies on cancer and social workers.

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