International Trade business


Individual Assignment – Case Scenario

This assignment encompasses three parts but it is the same case scenario. Consider all parts as they

were only one text. Act as you are a recent hired grad from Centennial College named Taylor. The

questions are addressed to you or Taylor (same person).

Submit to our course dropbox only the answers in MS-word or pdf format.

Reference of you research like “the internet”, “the book” will not be considered. If you feel the need you

can ask advice from an external source (don’t forget to mention it).

Part 1

Taylor is a recent grad from Centennial College. He has taken a position with a local SME (small or

medium enterprise) only a short transit ride from his home. B.O.B. (Bringing Our Best) Enterprises

Inc. is located on 941 Progress Avenue in Toronto. B.O.B. is a wholesaler, importer and exporter of

various types of consumer goods. The owner is finding that he needs someone to help him with the

logistics of his business. He hired Jim to bring new knowledge to help him get his products to the right

place, at the right time, at the right price.

Taylor has had some business experience in a retail store as a sales associate. His diploma included

courses on Global Logistics and Customs Procedures. He is confident that he has the foundation to

help his boss navigate the supply chain to offer suggestions on how make it leaner.

The boss had always negotiated the trade deals himself. Starting from the price, method of payments

and the logistics he controlled it all. He states “I buy my goods the same ways with each of my

suppliers, so I know how to get the best prices”. He reveals his method; the supplier will be paid half

the invoice value in advance and the other half when the product is ready to ship. The invoice value

includes all transportation costs and customs costs. Your boss only pays the total invoice value and

his shipment arrives at his door.

You ask your boss if you could look at the documents for a couple of the shipments, to get a “feel” of

where the goods are shipped from. He provides the documents. You are familiar with most of the

documents, due to your studies at Centennial, and start to analysis them. Your boss leaves the

movement of the freight with the supplier and trusts that they will work in his, your boss, interests.

Part 1 Questions

1) Who are the parties involved in an International Trade movement. How would you explain

International Trade to your boss?

2) Who would you recommend to give you guidance and assistance in this matter? Why did your

choose that party? Explain the process you used to determine how you found that party.

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