Journal Article


MBA 525 – Module 5: Journal Article Assignment 3
You will locate two peer-reviewed journal articles related to a topic covered in Modules 3, 4, or 5 and
create a professionally designed PowerPoint presentation. The two articles must be related and discuss
the same topic. In the presentation, you must identify similarities and differences in the two chosen
studies and draw conclusions from the results of the studies. The presentation should include a minimum
of five slides, with audio embedded on each slide (for a total of five-to-seven minutes). You will also
submit a Word document of your audio transcript.
This assignment asks you to focus on your ability to read multiple articles, in this case two, and
understand similarities and differences. Keeping in mind it is only through comparing and contrasting
what is known that we understand what is possible and what is still missing. In your quest to create new
knowledge and showcase your critical thinking skills, this assignment asks you to locate two articles on
the same topic and discover similarities and differences of thought, findings, and process of inquiry.
You should review the Steps from the Journal Article Assignment 1 instructions to assist you with
completing this assignment.