Research and Citation Exercise


Support each of the major claims listed below with researched material collected from at least

one source (no more than two sources) for each answer. You may use credible online sources or

library resources to respond to each claim. Write one paragraph, with a minimum of three minor

supporting sentences, to support each major claim. Use the major claim as the paragraph’s

topic sentence; then, support the claim with a combination of direct quotes, paraphrased material,

and your own ideas.


Example: The following paragraph (“answer”) illustrates how you should complete this


Major Claim: Illegal immigrant workers should be granted legal status.


(1 – MC) Illegal immigrant workers should be granted legal status. (2 – MSC) In “Illegal

Workers Should be Granted Legal Status,” George Bush states that the main reason America

became a powerful nation in the twentieth century is because it welcomed the talent, power, and

patriotism of immigrant families (554). (3 – MSC) Because we are a nation founded and inspired

by immigrants, we should acknowledge the contributions made by working immigrants who

contribute to our economy by accepting them as part of our country instead of pushing them out.

(4 – MSC) Bush writes, “Out of common sense and fairness, our laws should allow willing

workers to enter our country and fill jobs that Americans are not filling. We must make our

immigration laws more rational, and more humane” (Connelly 556).

Bush, George. “Illegal Immigrant Workers Should be Granted Legal Status.” The Sundance

Reader. Fifth Edition. Boston: Wadsworth Cengage Learning, 2009. 554-59.

[MC = Major Claim; MSC = Minor Supporting Claim]


In the answer provided above, (2) is paraphrased support; (3) is my own ideas; and (4) is a

direct quote. You must provide each kind of support (three in total) to successfully answer

each major claim question. To complete this assignment, you must produce a one paragraph

answer for each of the three major claims listed below. After each paragraph, cite your sources

as you would in a “Works Cited” page (as exhibited in the example above).

1. Major Claim: Affirmative Action perpetuates racism.

2. Major Claim: Condoms should be distributed in public schools as a way to prevent

teenage pregnancy.

3. Major Claim: The legal driving age should be raised to eighteen-years-old.

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