microeconomics 101 from UW Madison.

I need to review for microeconomics 101 from UW Madison.

I only want to review homework which deal with

numerical calculation. So, I would love to know the homework type problem. What I mean is I need you to classify the type of question( find supply, find maximum revenue, maximum profit, find maximum profit in cournot model) and a thorough solution how you solve problems. You can reuse any material in the Internet

All of my request is to classify micro econ problems and attach a solution for it so that I can review better for the test. A thorough review is highly desired

REFERENCESwww.https://sites.bu.edu.monovohttps://quizlet.com c.d. Figure SSD. The graph below describes supply anddemand for a perfectly competitive market.5. a shift of the…