Midterm HMG6001

The acquisition of the asset is the first decision to be made in asset management.


Question 2

What are some of the limitations of the SWOT analysis in determining event feasibility?
Question 3

Event regulations typically regulate which of the following?  Choose all that apply:

Color of the stage
Use and handling of fireworks
Waste management procedures
Traffic management, road closures, etc.

Ticket pricing
Question 4

Which of the following items is NOT included in the Stakeholder Meeting Flowchart?

Meeting preparation establishing goals and designing the presentation

Obtain government approval to hold the meeting
Contact all stakeholders and invite to meeting

Holding the meeting with information gathering meeting

Complete the strategy template with information gathered
Question 5

Which of the following is NOT on the Silvers’ classification of event types?  Check all that apply.

Exhibitions, Expositions and Fairs

Marches and Demonstration events

Business and Corporate events including Meetings & Conventions

Entertainment and Sporting Events
Question 6

The Triple Bottom Line measures which of the following:

Return on Investment (ROI)

Economic, Social and Political Impacts

Profit, Loss and Break-event points

Economic, Social and Environmental Impacts
Question 7

Which of the following examples of the support an event planner might get from an Events Unit of a local tourism authority or CVB or an Government Events Agency?

Advice on almost anything related to the event

Marketing support

Event sponsorship and funding support

Research and Data Collection
All of these are examples of support you might get

Partnership and Management functions
Question 8

Is the following statement true or false?

The major aim of most event corporations or agencies, in particular the Tourism units, is to identify, evaluate and nominate the particular city’s, country’s or region’s interest as a candidate for a large-scale or mega-event.  It is to position the country/region/city in the bidding process for such events and help to ensure its selection and confirmation as the location and venue.


Question 9

Kim Stone, GM of the Chase Center was proactive in her approach to attempting to reopen the Chase Center. Discuss her plan with supporting details. How is this an example of strategy implementation?
Question 10
According to our speaker John Yoerger, executing a political event like the DNC requires a high level of pre-planning and intricate details to include working with various stakeholders. Who were some of the stakeholders John mentioned and how would they have played a role in the planning and execution of the riot that took place at the Capitol? Was the protest and riot that followed preventable in your opinion? Was that protest and event feasible to take place in the first place? Explain why or why not.
Question 11

RFPs (Requests for Proposal), RFTs (Requests for Tender) tend to deal more with the intangible aspects of events.


Question 12

Flagship and Signature events are the same thing


Question 13

You may or may not have learned in a prior introductory Events Management class that there are several manuals used in our industry and the textbook describes various types.  Consider this, you have just been invited to intern on the Sustainability Team at the 2022 Ultra Music Festival and want to see how certain things were done on Day 2 in 2019 (considering that 2020 and 2021 events are cancelled) and someone said “check the manual” without telling you which one.  To find what you need, which type of event manual would you most likely be looking for?




Question 14

What would be three advantages of joining an association or a network of event professionals?
Question 15
To establish an events feasibility and development system in a company or a government, what must be aligned to guide all departments, divisions or individual staff?

Event Date


Company Assets

Strategic Objectives

Event location
Question 16

Professor Skilling has mentioned his involvement in various event associations having served on the board for ILEA. You have since been given a complimentary membership to IAEE.  What does the acronym IAEE stand for and what is their overall mission?
Question 17

In our interview with Allison Pieter she discussed NOT having experience in virtual programming and having to pivot and cancel her mega university event.


Question 18

Derrin Brown, Director of Events, 2022 FIFA World Cup explained to the class via our Zoom interview that he will be working with the marketing team on launching thousands of what?

Product Activations

Athlete Parades


Question 19

A situation analysis should include the event social, political and economic environment.

Question 20
In the interview with Derrin Brown our guest gave an example of how culture can play a role in event feasibility. Discuss and elaborate on what he meant.