NUR 703: Health Promotion for Populations Mini-Grant Project (PARTS 1-4 HELP)

The following is an outline for each required section of your Mini-Grant Project. Although there is variation among proposal formats, these are the sections that are commonly found in federal grant applications. Many agencies have specific requirements for length of proposals, either page number or word count limits. For this Mini-Grant Project, the page limitations are noted with each section. It is very important for your writing to be clear, succinct, and comprehensive.

Part One: Due Week 3

  1. Needs Assessment (2-3 pages)
    1. Introduction: A general overview of the main idea of the project and its importance. Be sure to include the target population and approximately how many people will be served.
    2. Problem statement: Concise and clearly articulates the depth of the problem and why it is a concern
    3. Purpose statement: Limit to one or two key areas as to what the project will involve and what it will accomplish
    4. Program goals and objectives
      1. Goals are clear and concise statements as to what will be accomplished
      2. Objectives are specific outcomes of the program that can be evaluated
  2. Review of Literature: (2-3 pages). 5 articles (minimum of 2 websites) published with the last five years drawing upon research, local and national data, or government statistics to summarize:
    1. Epidemiologic facts and statistics related to:
      1. Person, Place, and Time
    2. Significance of the disease or condition and its impact on the health of the vulnerable population

Epidemiologic framework (epidemiological triangle, web of causation, ecological model) depicting specific risk factors of disease or condition (2-3 pages). Special consideration will be given to applicants that provide a graphic illustration.

Part Two: Due Week 5

  1. Healthy People 2030 Goals and Objectives: clear tie to at least one goal and objective (1-2 pages)
  2. Methodology: (3-4 pages)
      1. Describe the Level of Prevention (Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary)
      2. Describe the activities to achieve the listed program objectives
      3. Provide a detailed, step-by-step of how the project will be implemented. Include any key stakeholders or community partners that will help make the program a success.

Part Three: Due Week 7

  1. Includes Parts 1, 2, and 3
  2. Level of funding requested Budget worksheet. Provide details of what the amount requested will be used for and if the amount requested does not cover the total project expenses, please list other funding sources. (1-2 pages).
  3. Method of evaluation: An evaluation plan that makes explicit how the impact of the project on the participants will be tested. The evaluation should be tied directly to your objectives. (1-2 pages)
  4. Sustainability plan: A plan for continuing the program after the funding period (1-2 pages)
  5. Conclusion (final persuasive argument; one paragraph)

Part Four: Due Week 8

  1. Create a professional presentation.
    1. Generate a powerpoint as a visual tool following the provided best-practices.
    2. The presentation should be 8-10 minutes in length; maximum of 12 slides, excluding title and references, slide.
  2. Post your presentation on Bongo by Week 8, Day 1. Include the following content:
    1. Title slide
    2. Needs Assessment
    3. Significant epidemiological facts
    4. HP 2030 Goals and Objectives
    5. Methodology
    6. Evaluation Plan
    7. Conclusion
    8. Reference list (cite where applicable)