Occupational Therapy Interest Paper

Occupational Therapy Interest Paper

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Course: OTA 100/OTA 101: Introduction to Occupational Therapy/Lab

Course objective (s):

UNIT FIVE: Service Delivery

A. Identify emerging practice areas.

UNIT SIX: Individualization of Occupational Therapy

A. Discuss environmental and sociocultural considerations B. Discuss the role of occupation in promoting wellnessC. Analyze the effects of health, disability, disease process on the individual, family and society.

UNIT SEVEN: Choice and engagement in occupations by humans.

A. Articulate the influence of social conditions in which humans choose

and engage in occupations.

UNIT EIGHT: Basic computer use

A. Demonstrate competence in basic computer use.B. Demonstrate the ability to use databases and search engines to access information.C. Demonstrate competence in word processing for writing.D. Demonstrate understanding of using presentation software (PowerPoint).E. Demonstrate critical analysis and employ logical thinking skills imperative for an independent learner.

Curriculum thread(s) addressed:

• Commitment to lifelong clinical advancement• Occupation centered practice

Assignment Objectives:

• Create a personal definition of Occupational Therapy by incorporating an understanding of the historical and philosophical base of the profession of occupational therapy while integrating the meaning and dynamics of occupation and activity, including the interaction of areas of occupation, performance skills, performance patterns, activity demands, context(s), and environments, client factors.• Identify and describe how Occupational Therapy aids in the demonstration of knowledge and understanding of the concepts of human behavior.• Explain the impact of this knowledge and understanding on the individual client.• Identify areas categorized as traditional and emerging areas of OT practice.• Select a field of personal interest in OT.Discuss why field of interest is of personal interest from the identified areas categorized as traditional and emerging areas of OT practice.• Identify personal experiences that provideuseful insight and empathy in this field of interest. • Reflect about your career goals 5 years after you graduate.

Identify what you would need to learn to achieve your career goal, i.e. resources, certifications, and training.

• Exam business aspects of practice e.g. Owning a clinical practice, by outlining the startupand implementation process: location, permits, accreditation, credentialing, funding sources, reimbursement and client referral sources • Demonstrate an understanding for the commitment in the Profession to locating, processing and relaying/creating quality information (tests, statistics, measurements)from evidence-based research to facilitaterole development, delivering evidenced based practice and developing therapeutic relationships.• Discuss personal skills/abilities possessed (e.g. empathy, altruism, therapeutic use of self)and which will be needed to engage with specific populations(for e.g. when working to address effects of health, disability, disease process on the individual, family and societyor when promoting wellness)and develop appreciation for the diversified components of the individual client (environmental and sociocultural considerations).

Research and Organization:

• Apply and demonstrate evidence-based practice knowledge and understanding of research principles acquired through classroom instruction and library orientation.

• Complete a search on a library database with access to OT professional articles/journals.• Attach an article from your research to support your field of interest.

• Use APA style format and content (cover page: tabs, centering, page numbers, organization of headings as per APA style; font size, paragraph organization, headings, accurate use of paraphrase and citations).• The topic’s contents are organized in a clearmanner, by paragraphs (abstract/introduction, body, conclusion).

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