pain and cancer

South University NSG5003 week 3 study guide

1.       Two hits are required to inactivate tumor suppressor genes because?

2.       A carcinoma refers to abnormal cell proliferation originating from which tissue?

3.       Which aberrant change causes the abnormal growth in a retinoblastoma?

4.       When is the peak age for cancer in children?

5.       What are caretaker genes?

6.       Which is the major virus involved in the development of cervical cancer?

7.       What is the consequence for cells when the functioning TP53 gene is lost as a result of mutation?

8.       What is the correlation between pain and cancer?

9.       What are the survival rate for the different stages of Hodgkin’s disease?

10.   Which cancer may be treated with radiation delivered by brachytherapy?

11.   What are characteristics of benign and metastatic tumors?

12.   List the stages of breast cancer. What does each stage mean? What are the survival rates with each stage?

13.   Many cancers create a mutation of ras. ras is a(an):

14.   In childhood neuroblastoma, the N-myc oncogene undergoes which type of mutation of normal genes to oncogenes? P.376 p 444

15.   Which term is used to describe a muscle cell showing a reduced ability to form new muscle, while appearing highly disorganized?

16.   Oncogenes are genes that are capable of: