• The purpose of this assignment is to provide an authentic peer review.  In this discussion box, you will submit a four-paragraph essay, based on the readings in this module.  (Question prompts will be provided to guide your writing.  Although the questions are in number order, combine your responses into paragraphs).
  • (Type your essay in MLA format on a Word or Google doc, then upload)
  • Students will also respond to their classmates’ submissions and provide feedback. (In this discussion box)

Items to Look For While Reviewing

While reviewing your classmates’ writing pieces, think about the peer review readings and videos in this module.

  • How will you provide an authentic peer review?
  • Did you put yourself in the writer’s shoes, while reading their essay?
  • Did the essay display clarity and proper tone? Was the essay engaging, boring, or interesting?
  • If the purpose of the writing was to inform the reader, was it evident in the essay?
  • Was the essay written in the correct format? (MLA)

Criteria for Responding to Peers (Minimum three paragraphs)

  • In this discussion box, you will complete the peer review.
  • Discuss if the thesis and concluding paragraph connect.
  • Is there a topic sentence with supporting details?
  • Is the writing piece in MLA format?
  • Are there any misspellings or incomplete sentences?
  • What is the author’s tone?
  • Was the essay unclear, confusing, boring, and engaging to the eyes and ears?
  • What recommended changes do you suggest? Must be one paragraph and it counts toward the three-paragraph


  1. Based on the readings in this module, how would you define vernacular and dialect?
  2. Which of the three stories did you reread more than once for clarity? 
  3. Was there one reading you disliked the most? Explain.
  4. Why do you think the authors utilized vernacular and dialect language in their stories? Explain and provide examples/text evidence. 


  • A total of 50 POINTS include: 30 points for TWO completed peer reviews and 20 points for submitting your essay

Focus on the Sound

The three stories below focus on vernacular and dialect.  Your goal is to read all three stories in order to get a sense of language.  Think about how the author uses dialect to gain the audience’s attention. Keep in mind that these stories may also “touch a nerve”, however, isn’t that what literature is supposed to do?

  1. Junot Diaz- How to Date a Brown Girl (Black Girl, White Girl, or Halfie)

Text Version

Junot Diaz- How to Date a Brown Girl (Black Girl, White Girl or Halfie) (Links to an external site.)

Audio Version


2. Fiction Excerpt 1: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Links to an external site.)

3. Excerpt from Their Eyes Were Watching God