Personal Response: Consider the story ‘The Sperrit House’ discussed during class

Instructions: Consider the story ‘The Sperrit House’ discussed during class. Craft a personal response essay that examines how and why the tale ‘The Sperrit House’ may be appealing to more than one type of audience. Your response can be in any creative format that you see fit, as this is your opportunity to showcase yourself as a writer in the most personal sense and functions as an exercise in embracing your thoughts and ideas without the conventions of academic restraints.
Marking Rubric: The following points must be included in your response.

  • A brief summary of the story’s main plotline and characters [3 marks]
  • Explanation of the concept of ‘audience’ and how it relates to a story’s purpose [2 marks]
  • Identification of the chosen audiences (at least two types of audiences) [2 marks]
  • Explanation of why the story would appeal to your chosen audiences (at least two reasons for each type of audience) [6 marks]
  • A personal input/perspective [2 marks]
  • Creativity and originality of response [2 marks]
  • Proper presentation (language use, spelling, grammar, mechanics, etc.) [3 marks]

Presentation Options: Acceptable response formats include:
1. Written responses
a. (diary/journal entries, personal essays, letters, articles, full-length poems)
2. Audiovisual response
a. (video essay, video recording, podcast-style audio recording, musical recording)
3. Visual response
a. (comic-style strip, infographic, brochure, brief powerpoint)

Expected Length/Duration:
● Written/Visual Responses: 3-5 pages in length
○ An exception will be given to any poems
○ Journals, essays, letters, and articles should be double-spaced
○ Acceptable fonts: please avoid anything that is too curly, fancy, decorative, etc.
Stick to using basic fonts (Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, Calibri, Century Gothic, etc.)

● Audiovisual Response: 4-6 minutes in length