Post a summary of one contemporary issue in the hospitality industry

Participate in the “Week 3” discussion / “Week 4” discussionboard by posting a summary of one issue to the discussion board, and responding to the posts of classmates.  In this post, students may include links to media/articles if appropriate.

Please refer to the following discussion participation rubric for guidelines on how to achieve full points for this assignment:

Full points require:

  • Answering the main questions in required discussion areas.
  • Responding to at least two others in these same discussion areas.
  • Posting on at least two different days of the week in each required discussion area – FIRST POST MUST BE COMPLETED BY WEDNESDAY OF THAT WEEK.
  • Monitoring your personal posted topic, if appropriate.
  • Complete all postings before the Monday of the following week.

Partial or no points:

  • Quality or length of post is too short and/or does not stimulate learning or questions of others
  • Posted fewer than two days of the week
  • Did not respond to the posts of other
  • Did not provide a response to the main discussion topic.