problem for HZ Electronics.

Need an research paper on use of it in photographic equipment industry. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism. No wonder, digital photography has taken over the world with a storm and manufacturers of traditional photographic equipment are struggling.

HZ Electronics is a traditional company which has so far stayed away from modern technology. Although they have a worldwide presence, they are still mostly depended on their resellers and dealers to sell their products. With customers increasingly going online to get their prints, the sales at their photo printing shops are also declining. They are also facing stiff competition from low-end cameras and cheaper models. Mobile photography is also proving to be a problem for HZ Electronics.

Another problem faced by the industry is that many consumers no longer take paper prints of their photographs but rather store these photographs online. As mentioned by Intihar (2006), a number of companies, including photo giants like Kodak and search firms like Google, are offering the facility of unlimited storage on their websites. The digital photography industry, although new, has already matured to an extent where the rules of the game are changing on a daily basis. In view of the present circumstances, HZ Electronics need to drastically change their business model to be able to compete in this fast-changing industry.

In an increasingly digital world, no company can afford to ignore technology if it wants to remain competitive. We are assuming that HZ electronics has so far hesitated in adopting the latest technology. This will have to change in the near future if HZ electronics hopes to compete in the fast-changing business environment.

We are also assuming that most of HZ electronics competitors have already adopted the latest technology. This means that any technology adopted by HZ at this stage will not be new technology but a something which is already in wide use across the industry. This will reduce HZ electronics chances of failure on the adoption of new technology.


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