Psychology course

Develop a syllabus for an Introduction to Psychology course – this course should be a hybrid format – online and traditional course combined – meeting TWICE a month in person. The rest is an online format.  SHOULD BE AT LEAST 5-6 pages 

Develops a course description that include the purpose and scope of the learning product, and forecasts the assessment and instructional approaches planned in the learning product.

Describes, with great clarity, learning outcomes and related assessments.

Articulates expectations for learner behavior and engagement; expectations are consistent with environment, audience, and instructional strategies.

Composes instructions and grading criteria for at least 3 course assessments, and instructions provide context, clarity, and concision.

Chooses learning objects that support instructional strategies; learning objects are reusable in multiple contexts, consistent with at least one event of instruction, and practical to implement or create.

Demonstrates alignment between learning objectives, assessments, and instructional strategies; alignment is seamless and logical.

·  A course description that clearly describes the purpose of the syllabus and what will be covered.

·  An explicit description of anticipated outcomes and how learners will be assessed in relation to those outcomes.

·  Expectations for learner engagement and behavior, including a schedule. (A 3 month course- online and traditional format to be meeting in person TWICE A MONTH, the rest will be on an online format)

·  Rationale and instruction for 2–3 assessments, including the criteria by which successful completion of the assessments will be determined.

·  Learning objects, such as readings, media, et cetera, and structure for instruction that address learning objectives.

·  Clarity of alignment between the grading criteria, learning objectives in the instruction, overall learning outcomes, and purpose of the learning product.

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