QUIZ, Dennis Baron, “What’s Your Pronoun?”

According to Baron, the lack of a gender-neutral generic pronoun has been problematic historically in the realm of





Question 2

1 / 1 pts

Baron establishes himself as a credible authority on the subject of pronoun use by

including statistics on pronoun use.

citing poll data to support his claims.

providing historical accounts of pronoun use.

relating his own personal experience with pronoun use.

Question 3

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Baron explains that traditionally, the generic third-person singular pronoun has been





Question 4

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Baron suggests that the singular they be used as the generic third-person pronoun when a person’s gender is unspecified or when a person identifies as





Question 5

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Baron’s essay functions primarily as a





Question 6

5 / 5 pts

Answer in a well developed paragraph of at least five (5) sentences. Provide at least one (1) quote in your answer. Proofread and edit your work. I will deduct points for grammatical errors and content. For example, if you have 3 grammatical errors in the answer, you will get a grade of 2pts. Keep in mind that this is a writing class. What you write is just as important as how you write it. Keep the context in mind as well: You are answering a quiz for a college class, even if it is online. Check those capital letters, sentence structure (comma splices, fragments, etc), punctuation, spelling, etc. Remember to embed quotes using the sandwich method (Links to an external site.). Don’t forget to precede quotes with a lead-in and provide parenthetical documentation (or in-text citation), which must include the last name of the author and page number where the quote can be found. Many of you forgot to do this in the film review essay.

Dennis Baron proposes that a singular they is a tidy solution to two distinct third-person pronoun challenges in English. What are those challenges? Do you agree with Baron that the pronoun they is a good solution? Why or why not? Explain.