Real Estate–the Ideal Investment Opportunity


TOPIC: Real Estate–the Ideal Investment Opportunity? (Note: this paper must be more than an examination of investment tools, i.e, REITs, etc.)

I would like to discuss real estate investment opportunities for my term paper. I will discuss different types of investment options as well as explain why real estate is a great investment, depreciation, deferred taxes, etc. I would like to go into detail about the real estate market as a whole and explain how it has functioned historically, market crisis and where we are at now.


Notes from teacher: In any discussion of real estate as an investment, please go beyond the REITs and get into investors who really own real property. A great source of information is Tom Lundstedt, a well known financial guru on investment real estate. You will need to cover topics such as bifurcation and the 4 ways that real estate investment helps you…appreciation, depreciation, cash flow and principal reduction (equity growth).



  • The required length for this course’s paper is 10-12 pages. Papers that contain less than 10 pages of student-authored writing will be penalized a 10% grade reduction for each page less than 10. After the penalty is applied, the paper will be graded based on the scoring rubric.
  • The page count DOES NOT include the cover page, abstract, table of contents or the references list. In addition, any chart, graph or picture included in the body of the paper will be deducted from the page count.
  • The paper must have at least 6-8 references and must not include any references using Wikipedia and other similar web-based resources. The same rules apply that I required for threaded discussions; that means the use of the textbook or any other edition written by Charles Jacobus CAN NOT be used to support the term paper.
  • DO NOT USE “I”, “WE”, or “YOU” in your paper–do not use first or second person in writing the paper.
  • Find a web site with APA writing guide and make sure your paper fully complies with that particular style. I would highly recommend that you look at the Purdue University website for an acceptable template for APA.

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