relationship between employment law and sexism.

Compose a 1750 words assignment on the relationship between employment law and sexism. Needs to be plagiarism free! The paper then carries out sample research and analysis to justify the proposed research. It then makes the expected conclusion of the proposed research in view of the analyses in the preceding sections of the paper.

Sexism is a term referring to the attitude or belief to the effect that one’s gender is less valuable or inferior to the other (Brittan, 1984). The term can also be used in reference to prejudices towards or hatred of another gender generally or the application of femininity or masculinity stereotypes (Newman, 2009). Masculinity stereotypes relate to men while feminist ones relate to women. Sexism is also used interchangeably with female or male chauvinism in a number of instances (Cloud, 2009).

Historically across cultures, sexism was used in subordinating women in society. To counter this and fight for the attainment of greater gender equality between men and women, feminism was introduced. Feminism was mainly used to advocate for equal opportunities between men and women.

My company of study is known as Kenright and Moores, or simply K and M, which is an insurance company of a medium size that operates in the city. The company employs about 2,500 staff in its two operating locations. that of East Anglia another in London that serves as the headquarters.

Kenright and Moores have always followed the principle of slow growth and can, therefore, be regarded as very conservative. K and M recently dismissed its long-serving CEO and chairman, Walter Smith. This was as a result of its poor performance, which called for drastic measures such as the ones taken. The company has also created a different position of CEO in addition to that of chairman and appointed David Moyes in the position.

At the company’s headquarters a high turnover amongst female employees has been reported, mainly those with five years experience and more. Moreover, a number of cases of sexual harassment have been&nbsp.reported, prompting the formation of a tribunal at the company.


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