s fields cookies and lpb.

Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses mrs fields cookies and lpb. The reason for the meteoric rise of the company is the way Debbi and Randy have been able to monitor and control the various activities of the company by incorporating information technology into the day to day to operations. Also the management philosophy of Fields’ was in unison with the ideals of the founders. Debbi and Randy Fields were in control of every store and did not believe in franchising their stores. Their main motto was customer satisfaction and the profits came later.

Felids’ enjoyed great success in the first decade of business but their first big failure happened when they acquired the 119 store French bakery/sandwich chain. La Petite Boulangerie (LPB) from PepsiCo in April 1987. The acquisition was part of the company’s diversification and expansion plan. Until the acquisition, the main product of the Fields’ were cookies alone which came in 14 different varieties. But the acquisition of LPB added a whole new range of products. LPB dealt with bakery products, with products ranging from croissants, breads, and various other baked goods including hot soups and sandwiches. Hence, the acquisition added a whole new dimension to Fields’ products now involved cookies as well as a whole new range of bakery products. But there are various reasons for the failure of the financial downturn of Fields’ after the acquisition of LPB. This essay discusses the various actions taken by Fields’ after the acquisition, their view of the products and customers of LPB, their reason for the failure, incorporation of their information systems into the operations of LPB and the future of LPB and its workers from an LPB store manager’s point of view.

In May following the acquisition, Fields reduced the number of administrative staff at LPB from 53 to three. They only retained three employees, two in operations and one in research and development. The main reason given by Fields’ for this was that they had absorbed the various overhead functions of LPB into their existing&nbsp.system at Fields’.

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