Sax takes first solo

Give a short answer to each question (Use whole sentences!)

1. What is the approximate time period for the Bebop era as given in the reading? (Years, not “3am ‘til 6am”.) 1pt

2. It is said that bebop developed in after-hours jam sessions. What two clubs are mentioned in the reading as places where bebop was “born”?

3. What effect did a musician’s union strike and subsequent recording ban have on the public’s awareness of the development of the bebop style?

4. Three people are generally mentioned as the main characters in the development (or at least popularization) of bebop.  Name them and the instrument they played.

5. Describe the difference between a typical bebop group and a typical swing band. Size, audience, jazz values, amount of improvisation within a performance…etc.

6. Listen to the bebop examples given in the zip file and unit. Pick one and map out the performance like we did for “Lazy Bird” earlier in the class…..just a basic chart on what happens throughout the performance. TELL US WHAT SONG YOU ARE MAPPING OUT!

Ex.         Piano and drums play an intro

Trumpet and sax play the head

Sax takes first solo


7. You have heard “Diz”, “Bird”, and Monk. Briefly describe each person’s musical style, life and personality (that’s three things!). This is a double points question so be thorough.

8. You’re stuck in the car on a road trip with your jazz loving buddy. You have a choice between a Charlie Parker CD, a Gillespie CD and a Monk CD. You have to play one. Which one do you choose and why?