Seneca international business


Project Briefing

You and a team of INB220 Seneca international business students have been asked by ACME Consulting to conduct research for the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), aka your professor. ACME works with many Canadian companies and needs more information to help their clients prepare for conducting business in different countries around the world.

ACME’s CEO has asked for three deliverables:

Team Report: ACME is always looking for new employees, and likes to hire students from Seneca. Therefore, the CEO wants to know how well you worked as a team. To demonstrate all of the hard work you put into your project, you will be submitting a report to go along with your presentation.

Peer Reviews and Self-Evaluation: Acme believes that fair and impartial evaluation of and feedback shared with your team members along with honest evaluation of yourself is an important part of the team building and professional development. A completed Peer Reviews and Self-Evaluation will form an important part of the Team Report.

Interactive Presentation: ACME has a great work environment and strong organizational behaviour. The CEO wants to see an interactive, creative and informative presentation from your team on your chosen country. It will not be enough to provide only facts. You must make us experience your chosen country’s culture.

Teams and Countries

In Week 3 you will be forming your semester project teams and selecting your research country. Teams and countries will be approved by your professor based on team diversity cultural background, experiences, skills and work preferences and cultural challenge.

Each team shall be composed of 4 to 6 students.

All students are required to make an equal contribution to their team’s project. Every student must speak in the presentation.

This project is not only an opportunity for hands-on research but also for students to learn from each other, build friendships, develop social skills and learn how to work effectively in a team.

Teamwork skills are employability skills. More and more employers believe that a team approach achieves the best results and that the social aspect of working together contributes to a positive work environment.

Important note:

Your individual grade may be increased or decreased based on your contributions to the team.

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