Short Film Journal

Preparing for the Journal

  1. Watch the short narrative films for this journal response
  2. As you watch each short narrative film, jot down your responses to these questions
    • Did you like or dislike the film?  Why?
    • Does it remind you of any of your own experiences?  Which ones?
    • Did it influence your thoughts and/or feelings? How?
    • What do you think the film is really trying to say about life, people, and/or society? What small clues in the film led you to these ideas?
    • Overall, how did the film make you feel?

Completing the Journal

  1. Choose at least three questions from above. Write at least a 1-2 sentence response to each of the short narrative films. Use the questions above to help you develop your writing.  
  2. Then, choose just 1 of the short narrative films and write a response to it that is at least 1 developed paragraph (5-7 sentences) in length.

Expectations for the Journal

  1. In this journal, you will not be graded on grammar, punctuation, format, or structure.  Its purpose is to help you to think about the films in a low-stress format.
  2. You will receive full credit as long as you make an honest attempt to answer the prompts and meet the stated length requirement.
  3. If there is anything else you want to write in addition to the given questions, feel free to do so!


Submitting the Journal

Writing journals may be submitted as

  • text box entries
  • attached Word files

Use the method which is most comfortable for you.  The only method not allowed is a video or audio recording:  As this is a writing journal, written responses must be submitted.

Please note that students in online courses who do not submit a Canvas assignment in the first two weeks will be withdrawn as No-Shows.  Students will still have to pay for the course.  Make sure to submit your assignments!


Often, you don’t really process your feelings about work until you write down your thoughts about it.  Journaling is stress-free, as you will earn full credit as long as you reply thoughtfully to the films and meet the length requirement.  You can choose whatever written method (Word file, text box, etc.) you choose:  The process is what’s important.  Through your journals, you’ll have a chance to think deeply but write freely about what you’re seeing in the works, and that will help you with assignments that require greater levels of analysis, like the papers.

For this assignment, you will watch four short narrative films. Each film is between 3-10 minutes long.  You must watch the films in their entirety in order to complete the film journal on the next page.